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Renu S. Persaud PhD

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Award-winning, The Mastery of You takes you on a self-discovering journey that provides the framework for developing inner self-confidence.

As Featured in The London Review of Books


Dr. Persaud has penned several poems, authored various research articles on self-worth and research methodologies, and is a talented author whose published writing is hailed as "significant and world-changing." Her writings are alive with emotions and life experiences, and we hope that you will find comfort and inspiration in her words.

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Dr. Persaud delivers great lectures and encouraging speeches on the importance of knowing one’s own value as a person. There are many events throughout the year so stay updated on Dr. Persaud's speaking engagements, courses, and webinars by checking our website often for an up to date schedule.

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“The Greatest Possession Is the Self”

“Knowing Your Self Is Key to Happiness”

Dr. Renu S. Persaud has dedicated her professional life and intellectual research to enlivening the process of self- discovery.  She believes that self-mastery develops self-worth and is the bedrock of a successful life. In her ground-breaking works, she bridges together 3 elements:  academic research, experience and poetry.

 The greatest form of betrayal is being unfaithful to yourself and failing to fulfill your own needs. You can be the best for others only when you learn how to take care of yourself first. That is the paradox of selfishness.

Doubts and insecurities sometimes block the path to knowing one’s self-worth. Here are some questions that many individuals may ponder:

What is the Self?

How does the paradox of selfishness create fulfillment?

Who am I?

What makes me happy?

Dr. Persaud’s works about self-fulfillment answers these and other questions about self-existence. The Mastery of You is an award winning, creative non-fiction book published by Waldorf, USA. She has penned several poems and authored various research articles on self-worth and research methodologies.