“The Greatest Talent Is to Understand the Self Above All Else.”

Dr. Renu Persaud’s Works

Knowing one’s self and value leads to a happier life. Take some time off from thinking about what others want, and start focusing on who you are and fulfilling your needs.


The Mastery of You
A narrative non-fiction book, The Mastery of You illustrates how disregarding one’s aspirations is the greatest form of self-betrayal. The book provides a guide to developing a healthier relationship with yourself.

Your sense of self-worth is the most powerful thing you can own. When you have confidence, you can be good in any role you take on.

This masterpiece is a combination of Dr. Persaud’s observations about social life, scholarly research, and her own experiences. She analyzed her journey in life using her academic knowledge, and then wrote freely about her feelings. Personal, sensible, and poetic, The Mastery of You truly is a book worth reading.

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Reviews of Mastery of You

Renu Persaud's new book, "The Mastery of You," complex, touching, and lovely, exactly what you would expect from the heart and mind of this author."
-Dr. David B.Austell, Provost, Columbia University, and author of "The Tin Man."

Renu Persaud has written here a masterful narrative of the minefield of human emotions. In a pure original voice, she is at once lyrical and philosophical, a poet and a storyteller, a keen observer of the telling detail matched by her fine-tuned ear for the voices of the human experience. Persaud has mastered the painful journey it takes to become a joyful master of the Self and like a trailblazer shows others how to follow her footsteps
-Denis Hamill, Author of Fork in the Road, Former Columnist, New York Daily News.

Dr. Renu' Persaud's book, The Mastery of You, is a thoughtful and thought-provoking examination of the concept of self in the modern age. Simultaneously scholarly and intimate, while exploring the psychological paradoxes and sociological enigmas of selfhood, Renu's work offers readers a practical toolkit for self-assessment and a path toward healthier relationships. Wonderful.
-K. LeeLerner, Harvard University Professional alumnus, Cambridge.  Author, Journalist, Correspondent and Senior Commissioning Editor at LMC, Lerner BW, Lerner KL ed. Biotechnology. Cengage | Gale;2012. 2013, RUSA Book and Media Award Winner, 2012 Booklist Editor's Choice Selection.


Poetry is a form of self-expression and a means to empower people. Through this art, Dr. Persaud shares with everyone her thoughts and emotions as well as the importance of believing in yourself. She will be launching a poetry collection in the not-too-distant future.


Determined days of disaster, decant in destruction
Destiny denied a dutiful dilation, dancing disdainfully
Dreariness dwindled densely. And
Doomed delightfully.


The rusty dawn bows in hesitation.

Unadorned and yet graceful in polished burnt foliage. Sublimation to the muddled metal of polluted urbanity quickens. The garden weakened by the odour of oxidation. Green replicated in glowing yellow haze.

Hastening inaction moiled in cloudy pastures of hardened silk. Earthen dignity destroyed by the vestry of weary worship. Money mourns for rich duplication. Halting breaths of a bold and destructive duty.

The winds blow pollen from the fuming flowers, fragile with sweet corrosion. The fury of purity becomes intoxicated, shamed by the feast of ravens upon the soil. The ecstasy of more stuns sobriety, delirious in descent.

Petals, pure and delicate become encased in smooth cement. The flowing rivers defeated by the paste of plenty, empowered by wonton material necessity. A voracious value for starvation passes.

The cunning honesty of less replicates more than art. Partition the waves to grow the garden of obstinacy. An ignorant persistence will form. Aberration for pestilence tenderly sleeps with the seeds of a furious feverish plight.

The utility of earthen grace becomes the instrumental playground. Children shall climb the ladder of civil embellishment and exhale thinly. Laity will house the accord of profane paltry reward.

Atonement in ascension, we scourge for stocks of retribution. In the marketplace we shall inherit the oddly lit reparation. The banister of the staircase will lead the way for a baneful existence, super in natural idolatry.

Bribed by the keepings, ignorance passes over the celestial abode. The everlasting heavens stand in authority and shame. For the tormented habitation quenched the thirst. So it appears. The Elysian will be short-lived, corrected by nature’s almighty authority.

The sun, moon, stars and solar panels fade. Behind the incubus a deity rules and He repeats. She combs her rewards in sequins borne of stones. Mesmerized by the implication of boiling need, no one notices. The tarnished gold flowers budding in a silvery garden.


Let us play in the hallway with love’s denigrations.
Between the walls in the dark Kiss of cement
Ever so frigid, the marbled ground beneath the footprints, summoning for a shadow.
The rosebuds are falling to the atrophied gallows.
To the end. The eternal doves fly without fear, deep through the blank walls of plastered pity. The dense mist of breathing flows in discord.
Dropping to look up..
The ceiling glittered with hardened crystals, like rising diamonds.
From depths of blackness, reflecting peeping through the transparent black coal.
The mine trembles with cravings wounded in the tremors.
Waves rapidly submerge the form.
No more, the suffocation crawls. Brazen upon it.
The wretched depths hit the walls with silent laughter.
At the tune of the ocean.
Silently humming away, the steel remnants of hope.
Never to rise in a place of a dented depression.
Engulfed in anguish, the shutters closing.
The sea fears these shuddering partitions.
A sailing ship through the hallway glides passively. As we look on.
Then it moves far, far from our imagination until we are left scathingly with its morose shadow. For it tells the tale of you and me.

Play on

The global stench of egoism. Play on me.
I stand out in vain, look at me.
I impress a thousand phantasmagorias upon you.
Instantly. Insanity.
Give me the hovering honor of your potent fury.
Pulled by a precocious embrace.
The moon vibrantly motions untoward this morose state.
The bottled boundaries are engulfing.
This rapture of being trapped.
The hallucination of a fanfare.
A fantasy beholden.
Your grasp tightens.
Tensely, silently drawn.
Feed her Dionysius.
Assiduously, Venus surrenders to a valiant tenderness.
Taunted by the thorns of vehemence, only to be taunted by the dungeon of longing desires.
Bond the winds of fury.
Exposed and full of silent serenity.
Wanting for nothing more.
The cries of candor are calling, to you.
Desire is a dwindling dilemma.
The vexation of a vestibule of solitude.



Read and reflect on Dr. Persaud’s books and poems to know who you are and what you can be.