“Your Kindness to You Unconsciously Extends to Others.”


Let 2017 be the Year for The Mastery of You, online courses begin in Fall 2017.

Pathways to the Self:
Classes will guide you toward an appreciation of you.
Your personal and professional life requires that you are aware of your own soul and personal capacities to thrive.

Pathways to the Self courses will enable you to connect with and nurture your strengths. You gain the desire to move beyond your inhibitions and fulfill your life goals.

Courses will be 30-minute bi-weekly sessions by Dr. Renu Persaud. Each week she will lecture on a specific pathway for self-understanding.

$1200 per year, or 125 per month.

The Master You for Life Course

Dr. Persaud has formulated a series of original lectures and seminars for the mastery of you.

Each symposium consists of (2) 30-minute lectures:

What it means to be a Social Entity
What it means to be You
What Happens when you move from 'Me to You"
The Doctrine of You
Practice the Self-Paradox
Discover how Selfishness leads to Selflessness
Fulfilling the Self
Individual Self-Mastery consultations

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