“You Are the Only Keeper of You.”

About Renu S. Persaud PhD

Based in Windsor and Toronto, Ontario, Renu S. Persaud PhD is currently a lecturing professor in sociology at the University of Windsor. Her groundbreaking research of sense of self (self-worth) was turned into a TEDx Talk. She was invited to attend TEDWomen alongside world leaders in October 2016 in San Francisco.

Apart from being a dedicated professor and researcher, Dr. Persaud is also a literary writer. She has authored the highly acclaimed book The Mastery of You. The book has gained attention in North America and vast international recognition, and is available online and in-store at all major retailers and bookstores. Find The Mastery of You on,, or, and place an order today!

Readers' Favorite Press Release

Because of her contributions to her field, Dr. Persaud has been interviewed in Canada and abroad for some of the most well-known academic sites and blogs in the world. She is featured in the following: